Water-based cleaners are weak and ineffective, right?

If you are used to working with solvent cleaners, then many water-based alternatives can seem particularly disappointing against oil, grease and grime, feeling like the mechanical brushing action is doing most of the work.  At least, that’s how we felt and we’ve been striving to find a formulation that was as effective as a solvent, but a safer water-based product.

We believe we’ve found the solution with Sol-Klenz, our new water-based parts washing detergent.

It comes packaged as a concentrate, which means the main ingredient isn’t just water, allowing you to dilute it yourself with 3-6% detergent.  This means a 20 litre drum of detergent makes between 330 litres to 665 litres of washing solution.

Sol-Klenz parts washing detergent is effective in cold water, but works well even up to 90ºC.  It produces low foam, particularly when heated and is suitable for use in our high pressure washers.

It also contains a rust-inhibitor to stop the water from corroding washed parts following cleaning.

How safe is safe?  Whilst most solvents are flammable and generate potentially dangerous fumes water-based alternatives are not and do not.  This means you can avoid having to install air extraction, explosion proof ATEX zones and the use of ATEX equipment.  Caution should still be taken, any cleaner, be it in industry or at home, should be used with some care; but with water-based cleaners PPE can be reduced from; anti-static clothing, breathing mask, goggles and gloves, to just goggles, face protection and gloves.

Furthermore, water-based detergents are simpler to handle and to store (without ADR measures required, for example), result in lower CO2 generation and have significantly lower disposal costs.

We sell Sol-Klenz in 5 litre and 20 litre containers, and you can pay by card online or BACS.

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  • Concentrated, mix 3-6% with water
  • Works cold and up to 90ºC
  • Low foaming, particularly at temperatures of 45ºC+
  • Suitable for high and low pressure washing
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor
  • Non caustic
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Reduced PPE
  • Easy transport and storage

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