Has your business ever thought of recycling its used solvent?

We’ve created a new video on solvent recycling so you can see how easy it is.

You can recover most, if not all, of your solvent back, meaning you can save over 90% of your costs; reducing your solvent purchases and your waste disposal costs and also dramatically reduce your CO2 footprint by over 95%.

Recycled solvent is as good as new and costs just a few pence per litre to recycle and the process can be repeated again and again.

In the video we’ve used a Standard Si30Ax machine.  This means the process is quite manual, allowing you to understand all the steps in the process.  Our Professional range of machines use an alternative control system which allows us to automate the entire process and all the operator has to do, is press START.

We have machines ranging from 15 litres in size, which could be used by labs and bodyshops, and machines up to and over 2200 litres in size for large industry.

We also have many, many years of experience and knowledge as well as a team of CompEx and NICEICS Hazardous Areas certified engineers to help with installs, training and servicing.

It may sound too good to be true, but recycling solvent provides many benefits.

Take a look at our range of solvent recyclers or get in touch to find out more.