Energy efficient and effective waste water treatment using a heat pump.

Why a heat pump system is the preferred choice.

HPS series
HPS series - front view
HPS series - evaporator WT220

By exploiting the technologies of heat pump and high vacuum evaporation a maximum yield can be achieved with low energy consumption.

Under vacuum the boiling point of water is reduced to 35 – 40° C, using heat pump technology the same circuit is used for heating and cooling and the amount of energy required is reduced considerably.

The HPS series feature an internal coil for maximum heat transfer efficiency and concentration, these self-contained systems are ideal for a wide variety of applications including machine coolants, oil emulsions, rinse waters etc. The range of equipment starts with flow rates of just 240 litres per day and increases through the different models to over 6,000 litres per day. The technology is easy to install and is extremely reliable.

Solutex aims to provide you with the most cost effective answer to your waste water problem. Our standard range of equipment will satisfy most applications but purpose designed units can be built to deal with specific demands. Chat to us if you need to know more.


  • Heat pump system

    For energy efficient treatment.

  • High concentration

    Flow rate from 240 to 6,000 litres per day.

  • Low temperature

    35 – 40° C.

  • Fully automatic

    The process is fully automatic and designed to work 24/7.

  • Programmable microprocessor

    Controls all functions for complete unattended operation.

  • LCD touch screen

    Models WT 50 and above fitted with Siemens PLC with 7” touch screen.

  • Heat pump systems are available with the HP R Series, self cleaning boiler system for products that can encrust the boiler surface like paints and inks.
  • Also available constructed in special materials for certain applications.

More options available on request.

Siemens PLC now fitted as standard
7” touch screen.

Models WT30 and above fitted with Siemens PLC with 7” touch screen.

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