Solvent Recycling Systems

Efficient and effective waste water treatment by evaporation.

Evaporation technology with or without vacuum.

Water evaporators help you recycle valuable water or meet discharge consent.

Effective water and wastewater treatment systems using evaporation technology that is suitable for many industrial processes.

Solutex offers a wide range of standard and custom built equipment that provides a solution to many different applications. Distillation effectively resolves the problem of the disposal of industrial polluted water, highly concentrating the contaminating products such as inks, oils, paints and heavy metals and recovering the water that, purified, can be reused in the production cycle. Whatever your problem, we can help you find a cost effective solution that ensures you meet current and future legislation and provides recycling as an option.

If you have only a few litres or many thousand’s per hour, we can help. With our wide range of equipment, we aim to provide the best, most cost effective system that you can buy. In Europe it can be adopted as BAT (Best Available Technology) according to various European Directives for waste treatment.

Explore our range of waste water treatment systems

Solutex aims to provide you with the most cost effective answer to your waste water problem.

Our standard range of equipment will satisfy most applications but purpose designed units can be built to deal with specific demands. Water evaporators produce a high quality distillate that can be recycled or disposed of safely.

All units are computer controlled for complete unattended operation. Choose from heat pump systems, heating by hot water or steam.

CI series

CI series low cost water distillers without vacuum for small batches.

From 15 to 160 litres capacity:

CI-series - water concentrators


AquaQube is a fully automatic compact vacuum evaporator using low energy heat pump technology.

Treats over 300 litres per day:


HPS series

HPS series vacuum with heat pump for high concentration of process liquids like coolants and rinse waters.

10 – 250 litres per hour:

HPS Series for non encrusting liquids like oil emulsions

HPR series

HPR series vacuum with heat pump and boiler scraper for encrusting liquids like paints, inks and adhesives etc.

10 – 200 litres per hour:

HPR Series for encrusting liquids like inks

CF series

Forced circulation systems with vacuum and heat pump for high volumes. Single and double effect.

50 – 3000 litres per hour:

HP-CF series for high volumes

HS/HW series

Single or multi-effect systems with vacuum using external heat source of steam or hot water. For high volumes and lower energy consumption. 1, 2 or 3 effects.

50 – 7,000 litres per hour:

HS/HW series uses hot water or steam

How to purchase

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