Pneumatic baler and drum crusher – ATEX certified.

Compacts paper, cardboard, plastics and tins.

The model 201 baler and can crusher is truly versatile and ideal for workshops.

The machine can compact pliable materials like cardboard and paper. It reduces the volume of waste material and makes it easy to bind. The packed waste can be removed by hand.

A special stool is provided that can be placed inside the machine so that drums up 30 cm diameter can be crushed. It is easy to install and simple to operate. The unit is ATEX certified (Group II Category 3 GD) for use in flammable areas.

Our machines are equipped with all the safety devices to safeguard operators and the environment. All equipment is designed to be robust with a high degree of reliability and quality as standard.

  • All pneumatic press
  • Compacts paper, cardboard, plastics and tins up to Ø 30 cm
  • Great waste volume reduction
  • ATEX II 3GD certified
  • 2 year warranty
ATEX Rated pneumatic economical cardboard baler open
Mark for ATEX certified electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres
ATEX II 3GD approved for use in flammable areas

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