Automatic waste baler for paper and cardboard.

Automatic electro-hydraulic baler with 18 tonne force.

The model MG18 TVE vertical waste baler has a completely closed chamber with just the front loading door and bale ejection door that opens.

This model is equipped with a mechanical material retaining device, visual indicator showing when the bale is ready for binding, automatic bale ejection by belt and a built-in reel holder with 4 reels. The open door binding is done using high strength polypropylene twine.

It is suitable for compacting paper, cardboard, PET bottles, plastics, shrink wraps, nylon and other waste.

Our machines are equipped with all the safety devices to safeguard operators and the environment. All equipment is designed to be robust with a high degree of reliability and quality as standard.

  • Canopy for weather protection
  • 20 tonne single stage cylinder

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