Solvent Recycling Systems

Waste Balers provide an easy way to reduce your industrial waste volumes, recycle and reduce costs.

Vertical electric and pneumatics automated compactors.

Waste Balers for compacting paper, cardboard, plastic, textile scraps, tyres, cans and drums and oil filters.

Our high quality machines feature advanced technology from a small pneumatic balers to the most sophisticated automated compactors with compating forces up to 18 tonnes.

All equipment is designed to be robust and reliable, with safety devices to safeguard operators and the environment.

Equipment can be purchased using our Lease Rental payment scheme that allows you to have the equipment now with a low deposit (subject to status).

Explore the Solutex range of industrial Waste Balers

Our range consists of the following:

  • Pneumatic Balers for cardboard, and paper that can also crush drums.
  • Electric Hydraulic Balers for light and heavy industrial waste.
  • Automated Electric Hydraulic Balers for industrial waste.

Our pneumatic baler model 201 is ATEX certified for use in flammable zones.

Finance options
Buy or Lease

 Purchase and finance options available. Contact us for details.

Pneumatic Baler

  • 201 Pneumatic Baler for cardboard, and paper that will also crush drums.
  • ATEX certified.
ATEX Rated pneumatic economical cardboard baler

2 Tonne Baler

  • MG2 ECO vertical baler.
  • 2 tonne compacting force.
  • Bales of 30-35 kgs.
2 Tonne Baler

3 Tonne Baler

  • MG3 ECO vertical baler.
  • 3 tonne compacting force.
  • Bales of 30-80 kgs.
3 Tonne Baler

6 Tonne Baler

  • MG6 TVE vertical baler.
  • 6 tonne compacting force.
  • Bales of 80-120 kgs.
6 Tonne Baler

12 Tonne Baler

  • MG12 TVE-2C vertical baler.
  • 12 tonne compacting force.
  • Bales of 120-200 kgs.
12 Tonne Baler

18 Tonne Baler

  • MG18 TVE vertical baler.
  • 18 tonne compacting force.
  • Bales of 250-300 kgs.
18 Tonne Baler

How to purchase

Please contact us for prices and to discuss your needs.

If you require prices, product information or have any questions about our equipment, do not hesitate to contact us using one of the methods below.