Easy controls and simple to operate, the economical Distatic Standard.

Flammable or non flammable solvents, no problem.

Solvent Recycling Systems

Explore our range of Distatic Standard Solvent Recyclers

RECBAGS heat resistant solvent recycling bags

The Distatic Standard series is an economical unit that uses a bag for the collection of waste residues.

Controls are simple with only the time and temperature to be set. Once set, the unit is fully automatic and can work unattended and will stop automatically at the end of the cycle. If you require more automation but like the idea of a bag for the waste then the Distatic Professional models are ideal. These are fitted with microprocessor control to enable a number of options to be chosen including automatic loading of waste solvent for consecutive multi-batch cycles.

  • Air cooled condenser – as standard
  • Water cooled condenser – available as a no cost option
  • Uses disposable Recbags to collect waste and avoid boiler cleaning
  • Vacuum system
  • Fractionating valve
  • Safety device for nitrocellulose
  • Foam suppress disc
  • Water separator
  • Easy loading system

More options available on request.

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Mark for ATEX certified electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres
  • S type units are designed for non flammable solvents
  • D type units are designed for flammable solvents and are built according to Atex II 2G standards for zone 1

15 Litre Load

The Distatic Si15Ax and Di15Ax

15 litre load capacity:

Distatic Standard 15ltr

30 Litre Load

The Distatic Si30Ax and Di30Ax

30 litre load capacity:

Distatic Standard 30ltr

60 Litre Load

The Distatic Si60Ax and Di60Ax

60 litre load capacity:

Distatic Standard 60ltr

120 Litre Load

The Distatic Si120Ax and Di120Ax

120 litre load capacity:

Distatic Standard 120ltr

160 Litre Load

The Distatic Si160Ax and Di160Ax

160 litre load capacity:

Distatic Standard 160ltr

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