Fully automated and designed to connect directly to solvent degreasing plant.

Continuous recycling of degreasing solvents with optional azeotropic distillation.

Solvent Recycling Systems

Solvent recycling is a great way to save money and the versatile range of SM & DM models lead the way in automated solvent recycling.

Our SM and DM models have been specifically designed for direct connection to new or existing solvent degreasing plants.

They will continually recycle solvents and maintain a low percentage of oil in the cleaning solvent to produce consistent cleaning results. All models come as standard with microprocessor control of all functions with easy programming of process parameters.

The fully automatic units come with automatic loading by pump or optional vacuum system. Distilled solvent is pumped back to the degreaser and waste oil removed after distillation is sent to a holding tank inside the machine for cooling prior to being pumped out to your barrel ready for disposal. Recovered solvents have the same properties as new solvent. By recycling, solvent purchases can be reduced dramatically, waste disposal is minimised and the degreasing plant maintains top cleaning performance.

SM & DM series machines can also work with the latest environment friendly solvents.


Distilling chlorinated solvents at atmospheric pressure can result in a waste residue of oils and greases containing between 20 and 50% of solvent! Using vacuum distillation this can be lowered to between 5 and 8%. However, the best solution is achieved by combining vacuum distillation with azeotropic distillation.

How azeotropic distillation works: The process consists of a “soft” vacuum distillation for about 70-80% of the polluted solvent. Later, the concentrated residues in the boiler are treated by a flow of steam that strips the residue part of the solvent still present at a temperature at least 20% lower than the critical point at which acidification of the solvent can occur. This results in a yield of distilled solvent > 99.7%. The remaining solvent contained in the waste residue is only: 0.1 – 0.3%.

  • Solvent continually fed back to degreasing unit
  • Microprocessor control for a choice of single or multi-batch recycling
  • Automatic loading by pump or optional vacuum system
  • CE approved – The machines are robust and meet all relevant European standards
  • Recovered solvents have the same properties as new solvent – saving you money
  • Can be supplied without the steam unit
  • Vacuum systems
  • Azeotropic systems
  • Bunds, tanks and hoses

More options available on request.

Mark for ATEX certified electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres
ATEX versions available

SM series for non flammable solvents.

DM series for flammable solvents.

Finance options
Finance options are available on request

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Solutex range of SM and DM Series Solvent Recyclers

30 Litre Load

Model SM/DM30 with 30 litre load capacity. Fully automatic:

SM and DM series

60 Litre Load

Model SM/DM60 with 60 litre load capacity. Fully automatic:

SM and DM series

120 Litre Load

Model SM/DM120 with 120 litre load capacity. Fully automatic:

SM and DM series

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