Fully automated with self cleaning boiler, the Professional Dynamic Solvent Recycler.

Flammable or non flammable solvents, no problem.

Solvent Recycling Systems

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Dynamic Professional Diagram

The Dynamic series is a Professional unit that has a self cleaning boiler that does not require Recbags.

The units feature microprocessor control and allow a wide choice of options to be selected to turn the unit into a fully automatic system. The easily programmable system with memory means that once parameters have been set you can simply press start each time you use. The Dynamic units provide multi-batch or continuous distillation with perfect results every time. At the end of the preset program the unit will stop automatically so it can be left unattended.

  • Microprocessor control to allow a wide choice of options to be selected
  • Easily programmable system with memory
  • Stops automatically so it can be left unattended
  • Features self cleaning boiler system – does not require Recbags
  • Air cooled condenser – fitted as standard
  • Water cooled condenser – available as a no cost option
  • Vacuum systems
  • Automatic residue unloading
  • Quick cooling systems
  • Nitrocellulose safety devices
  • 2-way fractionating valves
  • Tix Dry additive for dry residues

More options available on request.

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Finance options are available on request. Contact us to discuss your options or learn more by visiting our finance page. Note, finance is only available to UK customers.

Mark for ATEX certified electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres
  • S type units are designed for non flammable solvents
  • D type units are designed for flammable solvents and are built according to Atex II 2G standards for zone 1

60 Litre Load

The Dynamic Professional SQ60Ax and DQ60Ax.

60 litre load. PLC control:

The Distatic Professional S60Ax and D60Ax

120 Litre Load

The Dynamic Professional SQ120Ax and DQ120Ax.

120 litre load. PLC control:

Distatic Standard 30ltr

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