Fully automated with self cleaning boiler, the Industrial series of solvent distillers for high volume production.

No compromises in design and technology for the ultimate solvent recycling system.

Solutex supply advanced solvent recycling systems for use with new or existing flexographic printing presses and plate making operations.

In many cases, flexographic printing presses are equipped with an automatic cleaning system. During each press cleaning cycle, a certain amount of clean solvent is used.

More solvent is used depending on the number of colour changes and different printing jobs. Solvents are also used in the plate making process and these become contaminated with waste polymers. When the cost of new solvents and waste disposal are taken into consideration, solvent recycling becomes a genuine cost effective alternative. We offer fully automatic systems combined with solvent storage tanks that can be

integrated into new or existing systems to provide a fully automatic cleaning cycle. Whether its ethanol/ethyl acetate print wash solvents or any type of plate making solvents, our systems provide the complete answer with many advanced features. We can also help smaller users with machines from just 15 litre capacity.

Optional vacuum and safety device for nitrocellulose inks available.

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Mark for ATEX certified electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres
ATEX certified

Certified models are available.

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