Manual heated parts washing for use with water and detergent.

Washing station with integrated heated soak tank.

Standard Manual Heated Water Parts Washer - 595A
Large Manual Heated Water Parts Washer - 595B

Models 595A and 595B

This high quality, robust washer is pneumatically/electrically powered and is designed to wash parts manually. The unit consists of two wash tanks separated by a grid. The outside container is used for washing parts with a brush, while the inner container is used to collect warm detergent and for soaking parts. A stainless steel splashback is included too.

The soak tank can be used for pre-washing parts in warm water/detergent. The heater element is positioned under the soak tank and is monitored by thermostats controlled from the control panel.

A diaphragm pump feeds the wash brush with cleaner and items can be prewashed in the soak tank. A blowing gun is provided to remove liquid residues for perfect results.

These units are easy to use and clean parts effectively. Choose from two models, the standard 595A with a 900 x 645 mm wash area, or the wider 595B with a larger 1200 x 645 mm wash area.

Heated soak tank
Heated Parts Washer work space sink
  • Soak tank
  • Heated water
  • Operator can choose heater timer control that switches off automatically after set time
  • Detergent pumped through wash brush
  • Air blow gun for drying
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Can be used with our detergent Sol-Klenz CP
  • 2 year warranty
  • FREE Supplied with 5 litres of Detergent Sol-Klenz CP to get started


More options available on request.

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