Manual parts washing with solvent, with final rinse, vapour extraction and ATEX certified.

Choose from 3 sizes. Ideal for parts and small silk screen printing frames.

Automatic and Manual Solvent or Water Parts Washer - 545X

Model 545X

The 545X is available in 3 different sizes (545AX, 545BX and 545CX) for larger parts and screens with wash and rinse. The parts can also be rinsed using clean solvent for perfect results.

  • Ideal for washing with various solvents or water based detergents
  • For mechanical parts, buffers and silk-screen printing frames
  • Wash with brush fed with cleaner
  • Automatic vapour exhaust
  • Final rinse with clean liquid
  • ATEX II 2G
  • Completely built in stainless steel
  • 2 year warranty
solvent parts washer 545X internal


  • Also available the 545 for water based detergents

More options available on request.

ATEX certified
ATEX certified

Model 545X is ATEX II 2G approved.

This unit is suitable for use in flammable areas.

Easy to install

Connect to compressed air supply, earth unit and connect exhaust ducting (1 metre supplied with machine).

Installation by a Solutex Engineer is available on request at extra cost.

How to purchase

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