Selected chemicals for specifically chosen for our parts washing machines.

The below chemicals have been specifically chosen to work with the Solutex range of parts washers to produce great cleaning results.


Remover – Water based Paint cleaner

Remover water additive for cleaning parts stained with water based inks and paints. Used with warm water it can even remove dried on inks and paints.


  • Non flammable
  • Creates little foam
  • Helps keep pumps, pipelines and the washing nozzles clean
  • Limits the formation of dirt on the inside walls of the cleaning machine and reduces maintenance cleaning
Paint gun cleaner Detergent


Sol-Klenz CP – Parts Washing Degreaser

Sol-Klenz CP is a highly effective cleaner for parts washer including our high pressure parts washing machines 550 and 560. Suitable for cleaning aluminium and its alloys, galvanized workpieces including steel and iron parts. Multi-metal detergent concentrate is specially developed as operating material for systems that use high pressure.


  • Concentration level: 3 – 6 %
  • Temperature: 20 – 90 °C.
  • Wide temperature range, foam-free at room at temperature over 50 °C
  • Enhanced corrosion protection by use of special corrosive inhibitors.
  • Very effective removal of coolant residues, oils and greases
  • Non caustic and silicate free
Sol-Klenz Parts Washing Detergent 20 Litre Drum

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