Selected chemicals for specifically chosen for our parts washing machines.

The below chemicals have been specifically chosen to work with the Solutex range of parts washers to produce great cleaning results.



Remover water additive for cleaning parts stained with water based inks and paints. Used with warm water it can even remove dried on inks and paints.


  • Non flammable
  • Creates little foam
  • Helps keep pumps, pipelines and the washing nozzles clean
  • Limits the formation of dirt on the inside walls of the cleaning machine and reduces maintenance cleaning
Paint gun cleaner Detergent
Nature 30

Nature 30

Nature 30 is a water additive for cleaning parts stained with oil and grease. Based on natural renewable resources.


  • It is non flammable
  • Mild odour without perfume and synthetic preservatives
  • Non hazardous material and biodegradable
  • Excellent temporary corrosion protection on iron and steel parts
  • Mix 1 – 5% with water
  • Can be used on metals, glass, plastic and painted parts

Eskaphor N6929

Eskaphor N6929 is a neutral cleaner for high pressure parts washing machines 550 and 560. Suitable for cleaning aluminium and its alloys, galvanized workpieces including steel and iron parts. Multi-metal detergent concentrate is specially developed as operating material for systems that use high pressure.


  • Concentration level: 0.5 – 2 %
  • Temperature: 20 – 70 °C.
  • Wide temperature range, foam-free at room temperature
  • Enhanced corrosion protection by use of special corrosive inhibitors.
  • Very good removal of dirt particles
  • Very good infiltration with dirt
  • Very effective and economical
  • Can be used already at room temperature
Parts washer models
How to purchase
ProductTypeApplicationMix ration with water
Working temperature
FlashpointOzone depletingPack sizes
RemoverWater basedPaints, inks5 - 1515 - 45NoNon flammableNo5 and 10 litres
Nature 30Water basedOils, greases, coolants1 - 520 - 70YesNon flammableNo5 and 32 kgs
N6929Water basedOils, greases, coolants0.5 - 240 - 70YesNon flammableNo31 kgs
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