Solvent Recycling Systems

Parts washers for general industry, garages and screen printing industry.

Solvent and water based parts washers that give great results.

Our versatile washers can be used with different cleaning agents to suit the cleaning application.

The Solutex range of high quality solvent and aqueous industrial parts washers have been designed to provide a complete cleaning station that is operator friendly.

Choose from manual, automatic or high pressure washers that use either solvents or water based detergents. Our water washers are available with inbuilt heaters to provide warm water washing for better cleaning results.

Washer tanks are constructed of stainless steel for longer life. Solvent washers are ATEX certified and have integrated air extraction to remove vapours.

If you need a high quality industrial parts washer, choose a Solutex washer.

ATEX certified
ATEX II 2G and 3GD

ATEX approved for use in potentially flammable areas.

Finance options
Buy or Lease

 Purchase and finance options available. Contact us for details.

Explore the Solutex range of Parts Washers

Solvent parts washers

Designed specifically for use with a wide range of solvents and are ATEX certified for use in flammable zones such as car body shops. Unlike many washers on the market our Washers come with inbuilt air extraction systems help protect the operator when in use. Solutex solvents washers can also be used with water based detergents to provide truly versatile equipment.

Water based parts washers

Designed specifically for use with water based cleaning agents but some can be used with solvent cleaners such as odourless kerosene.

They are available in 3 types:

  • Cold water cleaning units for use with detergents or odourless kerosene cleaners.
  • Hot water cleaning units for use with detergents that work best at around 40°C.
  • High pressure hot water cleaning unit for use with detergents.

Manual Washers

  • Manual washers for use with solvent, thinners and/or hot or cold water based detergents.
  • Many models and sizes to choose from.
Standard Manual Heated Water Parts Washer - 595A

Automatic Washers

  • Automatic washers for use with solvents, thinners or water based detergents.
  • ATEX certified.
  • Choose from three models.
Automatic Solvent Parts Washer 722

High Pressure Washers

  • High pressure heated washers for use with water based detergents.
  • Fully enclosed.
  • Choose from 2 models.
High Pressure Heated Water Parts Washer

Can and Drum Washer

  • Automatic Can and drum washer for use with solvent or water based detergents.
  • ATEX certified.
Parts Washer - Can Washer

Mobile Washers

  • Manual mobile brake and parts washers
  • For use in car workshops.
  • ATEX certified,
Mobile Brake and Parts Cleaner 270V

Liquid Cleaners & Detergents

  • Solvent and water detergent cleaners for use with our parts washers.
Paint gun cleaner Detergent

How to purchase

Please contact us for prices and to discuss your needs.

If you require prices, product information or have any questions about our equipment, do not hesitate to contact us using one of the methods below.