Additional Wash Brush and Auto Rinse Options for Superior Cleaning.

Enhance your work station.

Solvent Spray Gun Washer

Our washing machines provide a complete work station for washing paint spray guns.

Wash guns, tools and empty paint cans, do colour tests with air hose provided and store pieces. The work surface provides adequate room to perform various jobs easily and with air extraction, safely. The units are easy to install and are provided with complete instructions. If you prefer, we can install and instruct operators on use and maintenance. If you want to recover those expensive solvents when they get dirty, then choose one of solvent distillers and recycle.

Optional Kit M
Optional Kit M diagram

Kit M

  • Kit made up of diaphragm pump  MP, flow brush and hoses
  • For washing with brush fed recirculating liquid
  • Set up in factory and before unit delivery only
Optional Kit F
Optional Kit F diagram

Kit F

  • Kit made up of diaphragm PA pump, push button and hoses
  • For final wash with clean thinner
  • Set up in factory and before unit delivery only

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