Advanced high quality solvent paint washers for perfect results every time.

Low emission solvent washers: LEW 15 manual or LEW 35 automatic washer- ATEX Certified II 2G.

Washer LEW 35
Manual Washing of spray guns in the LEW Low Emission washer

The NEW LOW EMISSION PAINT SPRAY GUN WASHERS feature a patented design that reduces emissions and solvent consumption.

Thanks to the low air circulation within the operating area, these spray gun washers retains most of the vapours, especially the most volatile (acetone, for example), which are also the most important for high quality cleaning. In this way, the retained vapours are not dispersed into the atmosphere but return, by means on condensation, into the re-circulating solvent drum. Therefore increasing the quantity, quality and clarity of the solvent for subsequent gun pre-washes (especially for automatic machines).

The machine can be used in different ways with consequent variations in solvent consumption and emissions. Whatever the use, it guarantees a minimum saving of 30% compared to traditional machines.

Choose from 2 solvent models:

LEW 15 – For manual washing.  Features a recirculation pump, clean solvent rinse injector, pump for clean solvent dispenser.

LEW 35 – For automatic and manual washing.  Features a recirculation pump, clean solvent rinse injector, pump for clean solvent dispenser.

Our washing machines provide a complete work station for washing paint spray guns. Wash guns, tools and empty paint cans.

The work surface provides adequate room to perform various jobs easily and safely. The units are simple to install and are provided with complete instructions. If you prefer, we can install and instruct operators on use and maintenance. If you want to recover those expensive solvents when they get dirty, then choose one of our solvent distillers and recycle.

LEW Low Emission Spray Gu washer control panel

The controls are conveniently located inside the wash area

LEW 35 Spray gun washer, low solvent emissions


Fully enclosed work area with easy access for hands

Internally mounted controls for ease of use

Manual wash station

Plus automatic wash on model LEW 35

Low Emission Automatic Solvent Spray Gun Washer on green plinth

Air line for blowing through gun after washing

Model LEW 35 has an autowash station for 2 spray guns

Solvent drum storage with bund for 2 drums


  • Automatic and manual wash of solvent based paint on LEW35
  • Enclosed work area protects the operator
  • Manual wash only on model LEW 15
  • More recirculating solvent reduces contamination
  • Fully enclosed work area with low air recirculation reduces emissions
  • More solvent stays in liquid state reducing emissions
  • Clean solvent dispenser for paint mixing
  • 100% Stainless steel
  • ATEX II 2G
  • 2 year warranty
  • Optional ATEX light to aid internal illumination

More options available on request.

ATEX certified

Approved for use in potentially flammable areas.

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