Advanced high quality solvent paint washers for perfect results every time.

Economic automatic washer – ATEX Certified II 2G.

Economical Automatic Spray Gun Washer - Model 173

The washer 173 is available in 2 types, the 173A and 173D. This compact machine is the entry level automatic washer that effectively washes guns inside and outside.

The unit is fitted with a diaphragm pump that takes solvent from a drum located in the base of the machine to provide high pressure washing through spray nozzles. It can also be used for manual washing.

The models are both similar, but the model 173D includes a venturi pump for feeding clean thinner.

Our washing machines provide a complete work station for washing paint spray guns. Wash guns, tools and empty paint cans, you can also do colour tests with air hose provided and store pieces.

The work surface provides adequate room to perform various jobs easily and safely with air extraction. The units are simple to install and are provided with complete instructions. If you prefer, we can install and instruct operators on use and maintenance. If you want to recover those expensive solvents when they get dirty, then choose one of our solvent distillers and recycle.

Economical Paint gun Washer - Model 173


  • Automatic wash of solvent based paint
  • Automatic vapour exhaust from work area
  • Automatic wash with diaphragm pump feeding recirculating liquid
  • Model 173D only: Venturi pump feeding clean thinner
  • Nebulizer for final rinse with clean thinner
  • 100% Stainless steel
  • ATEX II 2G
  • 2 year warranty
  • Optional Kit F wash brush for superior cleaning

More options available on request.

ATEX certified

Approved for use in potentially flammable areas.

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