The complete answer for paint spray gun washers using solvent to minimise waste and costs.

Combine with a paint spray gun washer for washing and solvent recycling in one machine.

Combination Spray gun washer and solvent recycler

The 801B Distiller can be combined with any solvent paint spray gun washer for recycling and reusing solvent.

The distiller 801B includes a pneumatic pump that is used to transfer dirty solvent from the spray gun washer to the distiller to avoid handling drums of solvent. It is ideal when combined with the Spray Gun Model M30F or any other washer. The basis of the distiller is the explosion proof Distiller Model Di15A. When the solvent in the spray washer is very dirty, an air pump loads the solvent into the distiller. The distiller’s cycle is automatic and after a while the recycled solvent returns for future use into a drum at the base of the spray washer. This system avoids the solvent being handled by the machine operator guaranteeing savings in time and greater safety in the work place.

The explosion proof distiller, along with the design of our spray washers, allows the solvents used during the washing process to be recycled. The cycle is completely automatic. By working on the basis of a simple atmospheric distiller, the polluting products are separated from the original solvent, allowing it to be recycled and reused. The residual waste products remain inside the boiler bag, which is easily removed at the end of the distillation cycle.


  • Automatic cycle

    After a few hours the recycled solvent returns into a drum at the base of the spray washer.

  • Solvent loading by pump

    Clean and safe work area.

  • Simple control with LCD

    Easy to operate.

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801 Combination Washer and Recycler
ATEX certified
ATEX certified

Approved for use in potentially flammable areas.

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