Model MG5TL electric can crusher and drum crusher.

Electro-hydraulic Can crushers for cans up to 30 litre capacity.

Model MG5TL - 30 litre electric Can and Drum crusher
3 phase power available as an option

The Solutex model MG5TL is a heavy duty electric can crusher with a 5 tonne force.  It also comes with a drain and hose connection for collecting residual fluids.

Our electric can crushers provide an easy way to reduce waste volumes and reduce costs. They are easy to install and simple to operate.

Standard voltage is 230 volt single phase with 380 volt, 3 phase power available as an option.

Solutex’s electric drum crushers are equipped with all the safety devices to safeguard operators and the environment.  Accordingly, all equipment is designed to be robust with a high degree of reliability and quality as standard.

Waste cans
Our crusher is fitted with a drain with hose connection for collecting residual fluids
pressed cans

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