ATEX Certified Solvent Recycling Bags

Recommended for all of Solutex’ solvent recycling machines using Recbags, from 15 to 180 litre

Solvent Recycling Bags for Solutex Solvent recycling machines

RECBAGs for solvent distillers

The use of the “RECBAG” allows a high concentration of solid contaminants (paints, pigments, resins, polymers, inks, etc) to be achieved, since the solids can be easily removed.  Consequently, a higher distillation yield can be achieved (i.e. more solvent is reclaimed). This results in a process residue with a very low solvent content.  Because this residue is contained with the bag it is, therefore, quick and easy to discharge.  Importantly, it also avoids personal contact with the residue sludge and solvent.  On top of that, it also helps to maintain the solvent recycler boiler cleanliness which is important to provide efficient heat transfer, minimise energy loss and ensure a speedy recycling process.

Solutex’s solvent recycling bags are ATEX certified (II2G IIA/B T2/T3) for use in our machines, meaning they are certified safe to use with flammable solvents, such as acetone, paint thinners, IPA, etc.  Essentially, this means that the bags avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charge, which could lead to fire or explosion.

Our Recbags are supplied in packs of 50


  • ATEX Certified for flammable solvents
  • Resists temperature
  • Resists most neutral solvents (contact us for advice)
  • Maximise solvent yield
  • Minimise operator handling of residues
  • Easy disposal
  • Maintain clean and heat efficient boiler surface
  • Available in a range of sizes, from 7-180 litres
  • Always in stock
ATEX Certified

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