Solufloc powder flocculant separates paint from water ready for filtering and reuse.

Available in 2 and 25 kgs packs.

Solufloc Powder Paint Floculant
Solufloc example

Solufloc is ideal for treating wastewater containing water based paint. The product can be used in any of our water spray gun washers using the separation kit that is included.

This precipitation and flocculation product has been created to reduce the problems and costs associated with wastewater treatment. It precipitates, flocks and absorbs in one operation. It is a multi-component system of an almost water insoluble basis containing a high proportion of active adsorption substances and added electrolytes.

It is easy to use and economical. It is simply added to the wastewater and mixed for 8 – 10 minutes until the flocks can visibly be seen to be formed. They can then be released through the machines filter system allowing the re-use of the water.

Water/Paint Separation Kit – 110

The water-paint separation kit is supplied with all spray-gun washers for water-based paints, but can also be sold separately. The stainless steel washing tank has an internal system that mixes the dirty water with flocculating powder. The water and coagulated colour deposits are then discharged by a valve in the pre filter and filter bag, where the solid particles are separated from the water particles. The filtered water can be re-used for washing.

  • Ideal for paint / water separation
  • Includes a plastic container and a perforated container supporting filters
  • Air mixer to stir water with coagulating powder
Paint Separation Kit for flocculant


  • No harmful affect on industrial hygiene
  • Produces clear water for disposal or re-use
  • Produces a good flock that can be filtered easily
  • Economical in use
  • Separates paint from water ready for filtering and reuse
  • Available in 2 and 25 kgs packs
  • Selected cleaning chemicals area available for our parts washing machines
  • Remover detergent for adding to water in wash spray gun cleaners

More options available on request.

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