Remover detergent additive for water based spray gun cleaners.

Recommended for all models of water spray gun washers, both automatic and manual.

Paint gun cleaner Detergent

Concentrated Detergent

REMOVER is a concentrated detergent that is added to water. It provides an ideal formula to wash spray guns and accessories stained with water based paint. It is recommended for all models of water spray gun washer, both automatic and manual. It is supplied in 5 and 10 litre packs.


  • Non-flammable
  • Low-foam
  • Keeps diaphragm pumps, pipes and spraying nozzles clean
  • Inhibits dirt from depositing on the internal walls of the spray gun washer, and facilitates cleaning – Lowers the formation of cakes on the paint/water separation filters, making it easy to remove them.
  • Filters are therefore re-usable – After coagulation, the product can be re-used.
  • If used cold, it greatly improves spray gun washing also when paint stains are partially dry.
  • If used hot, it is ideal and allows for a fast and thorough cleaning of spray guns also with totally dry paint stains.


  • Concentrated detergent for water based paints
  • Concentrated water dilutable detergent
  • New formulation with very low foam
  • Used cold: it improves spray gun washing even with dry paint
  • Used hot: it halves washing time and allows a thorough cleaning with dry paint too
  • Keeps pump, hoses and washing nozzles clean
  • Prevents dirt from forming inside spray gun washer body
  • Product is re-usable after coagulation
  • 5-15% dilution in water
  • Solufloc powder for coagulating waste water in water wash spray gun cleaners
  • Selected cleaning chemicals area available for our parts washing machines
  • Safety material data sheets are available on request.

More options available on request.

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