Solvent Recycling Systems

Accessories and ancillary equipment for your paint shop.

A range of products designed to improve performance and safety.

Improve cleaning performance, treat your wastewater and tidy up your workshop.

Our paint spray gun and parts washing machines are the best way to clean paint spray guns and equipment.

If you need to improve cleaning performance, treat your wastewater or simply tidy up your workshop then we have products to help.  Remember, our advice is free so please contact us anytime.

Solvent Recycling Bags

ATEX “Recbags” for use with your solvent recycler

Recbag - ATEX Solvent recycling bags Narrow crop

Mixing Table

Colour Table for mixing, diluting and storing paints.

Stainless Paint Colour Table

Carbon Filter

Active carbon exhaust filter to remove odours from extract duct of washers.

Carbon Filter

Heat Cabinet

Heated cabinet for storing paints to bring to the right temperature.

Heated Paint Cabinet

Gunwash Additive

Remover detergent cleaner for water based spray gun washing.

Paint gun cleaner Detergent

Flock For Water

Solufloc powder flocculant for water treatment in washers.

Solufloc Powder Paint Floculant

How to purchase

Please contact us for prices and to discuss your needs.

If you require prices, product information or have any questions about our equipment, do not hesitate to contact us using one of the methods below.