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Low cost batch treatment of wastewater by distillation

Ideal for small volumes of waste water. Low investment cost

The economical answer to wastewater treatment. The Ci series provides small producers of wastewater with a simple low cost method of water treatment. These models are ideal for dealing with waste ink, paints and oil emulsions and much more besides.

The Ci range from 15 litres to 160 litres capacity, provides a means to close loop waste streams for ink, paints, adhesives or almost any wash  solution.  Recovered water that is distilled, can be used again or in most cases can be discharged to sewer.  Waste disposal is minimised. These small units provide the best, most cost effective system that you can buy.

Also available with self cleaning boiler system with the CiQ series.

Waste Water Treatment Utilising distillation Technology brochure


From 15 litres capacity

The Standard Ci series models are fitted with stainless steel boiler and condensers. The standard distillers use air cooled condensers but water cooled versions are available as a no cost option in most cases. The distillers are available in load capacities of 15, 30, 60, 120 and 160 litres.

During a cycle, the clean distilled water flows out of the distiller and is collected in a drum ready for reuse or disposal.  The cycle time varies according to the type of contamination and quantity but will be around  12-14 hours for one batch. The cycle is automatic and will stop after the preset time allowing the distiller to be left  unattended. The waste residues such as paint, inks and oils etc are collected in a disposal bag called a Recbag. Using a bag eliminates the need for boiling cleaning after every cycle and is a quick and easy method that takes only a few minutes.



Uses disposable bags for waste collection to avoid boiler cleaning.

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