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Receive email updates Model 180 Washer Automatic Paint Spray gun Washer for Solvent based Paints

Advanced high quality washers for perfect results every time

If you want the Best, choose the 180 Automatic washer - ATEX Certified II 2G.

Our washing machines provide a complete work station for washing paint spray guns. Wash guns, tools and empty paint cans, do colour tests with air hose provided and store pieces. The work surface provides adequate room to perform various jobs easily and with air extraction, safely. The units are easy to install and are provided with complete instructions. If you prefer, we can install and instruct operators on use and maintenance. If you want to recover those expensive solvents when they get dirty, then choose one of solvent distillers and recycle.

Manual wash

Auto wash

Whats included: Each unit is supplied with suction hoses and filters for the solvent drums (drums not included), auxiliary air hose to connect to your spray gun for colour tests, pressure regulator, 2 x trigger clips for autowash, section of exhaust ducting, drip tray for solvent drums and earth cable.

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The Best Spray gun washer is the result of over 20 years of development and features the patented system that stops solvent entering the air hose of the spray gun. Two guns can be washed at the same time as well as disassembled nozzles, paint tins, mixers and paint filters. All with excellent results and reduced quantities of solvent. The work surface can be used independently of the automatic washer to manually wash and rinse equipment. The excellent extraction allows the unit to be used for small spray jobs and colour testing, a truly versatile machine.

Model 180A is provided with one air operated diaphragm pump, timer, pressure regulator and atomiser for final manual rinse.

Model 180B is provided with two air operated diaphragm pumps, one for normal washing and the other for automatic rinsing.

Model 180CX has the same specification as the other models but is built entirely in stainless steel and is fitted with a special timer that in sequence washes and rinses automatically using very little solvent.