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Receive email updates Model 165 Dual Manual washer for Solvent and water based Paints

Advanced high quality washers for perfect results every time

Manual washer with vapour extraction - ATEX certified II 2G.

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Our washing machines provide a complete work station for washing paint spray guns. Wash guns, tools and empty paint cans, do colour tests with air hose provided and store pieces. The work surface provides adequate room to perform various jobs easily and with air extraction, safely. The units are easy to install and are provided with complete instructions. If you prefer, we can install and instruct operators on use and maintenance.  

The water treatment kit consists of two tanks, a pre-filter and a main filter. A flocculent powder is added to the water and an air mixer in the unit creates flocks. These are released through the filter system separating the paint from water to allow its reuse.

The pneumatic Spray Gun Washer Mini Star is provided with two different work stations. This simple and inexpensive appliance has been designed for manually washing spray guns and small painted objects with both water and solvent. Fumes are automatically exhausted each time the operator opens the upper door. It is also ideal for colour tests with water and solvent.

Manual washing with water and detergent: this work area is fitted with a brush fed by a diaphragm pump conveying water and detergent.

Final washing: one nebulizer sucks clean water from the container housed in the bottom of the machine. The brush supplied must be connected to the water mains and is used for the final wash, for cleaning inside the spraygun washer, and for filling clean water in the tanks for the following wash cycle. Finally, the blowing gun is used to clean inside and dry the guns and the washed parts.

Manual washing with solvent: this work area is provided with one small pump that sucks the solvent used for guns pre-wash; one nebulizer that sucks the clean solvent for the final wash.