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Advanced paint spray gun cleaning units and ancillary equipment for solvent and water based paints or a combination of both

The biggest choice of high quality units designed to meet the toughest demands

Paint Spray Gun Washers

Spray gun washers for solvent based paints. Choose from manual and automatic.

Atex certified

Spray gun washers for water based paints. Choose from manual and automatic.

Spray gun washer for solvent based paints with inbuilt solvent distiller.

Top of the range washer combined with solvent recycler.

Atex certified

for solvent for water water and solvent

Dual Spray gun washers for both solvent and water based paints.

Choose from manual and automatic.

Atex certified.

Solvent washer recycler accessories

Accessories and other paint shop equipment including additives, colour mixing tables and more.

brochure Advanced features


or lease

Dual spray gun washers Solvent Spray Gun Washers Water spray gun washers Paint Spray Shop Accessories

Our paint spray gun washing machines are the best way to clean paint spray guns and equipment. We have machines for solvent and water based paints or both.

From a low cost manual washing unit to a fully automatic unit with integrated solvent distiller...we have the answer to your cleaning problems.

We believe that these are the best gun cleaners available due to the high specification and build quality".

Our machines have been thoroughly designed and tested and will provide years of reliable service with features not found anywhere else.


We have a machine to suit every application and budget. Check out our

equipment specifications before you buy anything else!

Optional Kit M-F Optional kits

Option Kits

Kit M - Additional pump with wash brush fed with thinner.

Kit F - additional pump for final rinse with thinner