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230 to 2200 litre capacities

The Number One Choice with Over 39,000 Recycling Machines worldwide

Guaranteed to save you money!.

Solvent recycling machines for every application. Using the distillation principle, a solvent recycler separates the contaminants from the original solvent to allow its re-use. With solvent recycling machines from just 15 litre capacity...everyone can recycle and save!  Produce clean reusable solvent for just a few pence per litre.

And for those companies generating many 1,000's of litres...we have unique highly developed solvent recovery systems that are well proven. Our machines are in daily use by some of the world's best known companies.

Explore the model range:

No matter what solvent you use or how much, we have a model that’s right for you.

We also have special systems for the flexographic industry. Click here for more information.

Solvent Recycling Systems Distatic Standard Range

15 to 160 litres capacities

Professional Distatic Range Professional Dynamic Solvent Recyclers Industrial Series Solvent Recyclers SM Series Solvent Recyclers

30 to 230 litres capacities.

30 to 120 litre capacities

60 to 120 litre capacities

230 to 2200 litre capacities

Our most economic model, uses internal bag for residue collection.

With PLC and automated features. Bag for collection of waste residues.

With PLC and automated features. Self-clean boiler does not use bags..

for large daily quantities.

Fully automatic. Standard and custom built units. Plus fractionating systems.

Connect directly to degreasing plants for fully automatic continuous recycling.

standard distatic professional distatic professional dynamic industrial series sm series

We have a model for every application no matter what solvent you use. We have 5 different standard ranges to choose from plus special designs. A long list of options allows units to be equipped to meet your exact requirements. The choice of unit will depend on a number of important criteria and we recommend that you talk to us for advice. Things to consider are the type and quantity of solvent to be treated, the type of waste residue preferred (solid, semi-liquid or liquid) and the level of automation required.

S type units are designed for non flammable solvents

D type units are designed for flammable solvents and are built according to Atex II 2G standards for zone 1

Brochure Dynamic Standard Range Dynamic Standard

Economic model with scraper system. Self clean boiler does not use bags.

30 to 120 litre capacities