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REMOVER is a concentrated detergent that can be added to water. It provides an ideal formula to wash paint spray guns and accessories stained with water based paint. It is recommended for all models of water spray gun washer, both automatic and manual.

Technical features:



Keeps diaphragm pumps, pipes and spraying nozzles clean.

Inhibits dirt from depositing on the internal walls of the spray gun washer, and helps cleaning

Lowers the formation of cakes on the paint/water separation filters, making it easy to remove them. Filters are therefore re-usable

After coagulation, the product can be re-used.

If used cold, it greatly improves spray gun washing also when paint stains are partially dry. If used hot, it is ideal and allows for a fast and thorough cleaning of spray guns even with dried on paint.

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Remover Concentrated Detergent Additive for water based paints Call for Price

Available in 5 and 10 litre packs