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Energy efficient and effective wastewater treatment

Forced circulation systems with heat pump or external heat source.

For high volumes of wastewater treatment the HP-Cf series is the right choice. Available in single or multiple effects with heat pump or external heat source from customer resources for efficient water treatment.  

The HP-Cf Series features a forced circulation system with heat pump system or can be adapted for use with steam or hot water from an external source. Ideal for applications where higher throughput is required. The waste stream to be treated is in constant circulation in a high efficiency expansion chamber. These units have reduced sensitivity to foam formation. When even higher concentrations are required these units can be combined with units of the HPR series. Multi-effect units are available to increase throughput and reduce energy consumption. The units are microprocessor controlled and programmable for optimum performance. They are designed to work 24/7 with minimum operator intervention.

Also available constructed in special materials for certain applications.

Model shown is a WT600 HS Cf, a forced circulation plant heated by steam and capable of treating 600 litres per hour of wastewater.

The process is fully automatic and designed to work 24/7.

Forced circulation is ideal for higher volumes of wastewater treatment and utilising steam as the energy source keeps operating costs to a minimum. If you generate waste heat, this can often be used as the heating source.

Talk to us if you need to know more.

HP/HS-Cf Series Water Evaporator evaporator WT 600 HS-Cf (3).jpg

From 1,200 to 53,000 litres per day day


Our aim is to provide you with the most cost effective answer to your wastewater problem.

Our standard range of equipment will satisfy most applications but purpose designed units can be built to deal with specific demands.

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