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Dynamic Standard Series

Model SiQ60Ax and DiQ60Ax

Self cleaning boiler system does not use bags, the Dynamic SiQ60Ax and DiQ60Ax.

For flammable and non flammable solvents.

The Dynamic SiQ60 for non flammable solvents and the DiQ60 for flammable solvents. The Dynamic series has all the features of the Distatic Standard series but does not require bags. The rotating scraper system inside the boiler keeps surfaces free of hard deposits and does not require cleaning. This unit is ideal for products that encrust in the boiler like some resins. A load capacity of 60 litres and available in 2 versions:

SiQ60 Ax - Air cooled with stainless steel condenser for non flammable solvents.

DiQ60Ax - Air cooled with stainless steel condenser. ATEX certified for flammable solvents

Can be used with optional vacuum system for high boiling point solvents or those that are temperature sensitive.

Water cooled units a no cost option

Optional Tix Dry additive to obtain dry residues

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Options available include: Easy loading system, Vacuum system, foam suppress disc, water separator. More options available on request.

Easy to use with simple controls for time and temperature selection. A separate control activates the internal boiler scraper.