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Standard Dynamic Solvent Recyclers

Dynamic SiQ/DiQ30 30 litre load

The Dynamic Standard SiQ30A and DiQ30A. 30 litre load

Economic Standard Dynamic with self cleaning boiler, does not use recovery bags.

Flammable or non flammable solvents, no problem. F

The Dynamic series has all the features of the Distatic Standard series but does not require bags. The rotating scraper system inside the boiler keeps surfaces free of hard deposits and does not require cleaning. The Dynamic unit is ideal for products that encrust in the boiler like some resins. The units are easy to use and in most cases produce a dry residue when used with our Tix dry additive. The Dynamic series has a drying cycle than can be adjusted to suit the application.

Air cooled condenser standard

Water cooled condenser a no cost option

Dynamic std 60 60 litre load Dynamic std 120 120 litre load

The Dynamic Standard SiQ60A and DiQ60A. 60 litre load

The Dynamic Standard SiQ120A and DiQ120A. 120 litre load