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Receive email updates Dual Paint Spray Gun Washers For cleaning both Solvent and water based paints

Advanced high quality washers for perfect results every time

Dual washers take care of spray guns using water and solvent based paints.

Choose from a manual washer model 165 or the automatic washers models 185AX and 185CX, both designed to clean spray guns effectively and are ATEX approved and CE certified for safety.

The Dual washers consist of two separate compartments that allow the cleaning of paint spray guns stained with water based paints and solvent based paints.

Models 165, 185AX and 185CX come with a water treatment kit so that water can be recycled and a vapour exhaust system to protect the operator. The Speedy-Clean 135 is a compact unit for that can be used inside or outside the spraybooth.

REMOVER additive available for great cleaning results with water based paints.

Manufactured completely in stainless steel.

Robust design and complete with 2 year guarantee.

When choosing a spray gun washer, be sure you check out our range of advanced machines. Our range is one of the most comprehensive available and many machines have unique features not found anywhere else. Some of our water based washers for example, feature heated water for the very best in cleaning technology when washing spray guns stained with water based paint. When combined with our detergent “Remover”, they can even removed dried on paint!

compact manual  manual washer automatic washer Speedy Clean 135


Compact unit for both solvent and water based paints.

Manual solvent and water spray gun washer 165

Model 165 manual spray gun washer for solvent and water based paints.

Dual automatic spray gun washer 185CX

Model 185CX automatic spray gun washer for solvent and water based paints.

For solvent and  Water based paints brochure


or Lease

Dual automatic-manual spray gun Washer 185Ax

Model 185AX automatic spray gun washer for solvent and manual washer for water based paints.

Automatic washer