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Can crushers, drum crushers and waste balers

Electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and ATEX certified models .

Our balers are used by many well known companies to reduce waste. Our range has a model for every application no matter how small or large your requirement. Equipment can be purchased using our Lease Rental payment scheme that allows you to have the equipment now with a low deposit (subject to status).

Waste Compactors and Drum Crushers Drum crushers Vertical Waste balers

Crushers for cans up 30 litre drums plus

205 litre barrels. Electric and pneumatic.

Oil filter Crusher.

Electric . Will also crush drums up to 30 litre

Waste balers from 2 tonne crushing force that are ideal for paper and cardboard


Baler for cardboard, and paper that will also crush drums.

can and drum crushers oil filter crusher pneumatic baler electric balers

Our product range features presses for compacting paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and drums, oil filters, textile scraps, etc

The use of advanced technology allows us to meet your demands, from can crushers to  small vertical balers.

Our machines are equipped with all the safety devices to safeguard operators and the environment. All equipment is designed to be robust with a high degree of reliability and quality as standard.

Oil filter crusher MG15TL


or Lease