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Automatic Can wash for use with solvent or water, with vapour extraction and ATEX certified.

Designed for automatic washing of Cans and Drums up to 30 litres

The Can washer is pneumatically powered and only requires connection to a compressed air supply. An air extraction system is provided to protect the operator from vapours. The units are controlled by a timer and can be used with solvent or water based detergents. Spray jets direct cleaner solution on to the Can and cover lid for thorough washing inside and outside.

Safety interlocks stop the pumps if the washing cabinet door is opened during use.

Easy to install: connect to compressed air supply, earth unit and connect exhaust ducting (1 metre supplied with machine). Installation by a Solutex Engineer is available on request at extra cost.

The units are easy to use and are designed to clean cans and drums  effectively with 40 jets powered by 3 stainless steel pneumatic pumps.

Drum Washer 174B Model 174B Automatic Can Washer 40  Power  jets Call for Price