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Accessories and ancillary equipment for your paint shop

A range of products designed to improve performance and safety

Our paint spray gun and parts washing machines are the best way to clean paint spray guns and equipment. If you need to improve cleaning performance, treat your wastewater or simply tidy up your workshop then we have products to help.

Remember, our advice is free so contact us for help anytime.

Paint Spray Shop Accessories Mixing table cleaner Work station for mixing and storing paints Active carbon filter Cleaner additive for water based spray guns Solufloc flocculant for water paints

Colour Table for mixing, diluting and storing paints

Active carbon exhaust filter to remove odours from extract duct of washers.

Remover detergent cleaner for water based spray gun washing.

Solufloc powder flocculant for water treatment in washers

mixing tables carbon filter gunwash additive flock for water heat cabinet Heated Cabinet for Paints

Heated cabinet for storing paints to bring to the right temperature.