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Compact, low energy, effective wastewater treatment

Ideal for aqueous washers or oil emulsions and machine tool coolants

This system is totally automatic and provides a simple and economical answer to the treatment of wastewater from parts cleaning equipment and coolants from metalworking operations. The system works 24/7 and can treat over 300 litres per day.

The system concentrates the water containing oil up to 15 times, allowing the water to be reused and reducing the waste to a minimum. This means great savings for you whilst helping the environment. Thanks to its special design the unit is very quiet in operation.

Heat Pump  and Vacuum Technology

Using low energy heat pump technology and a vacuum, the water is evaporated at a low temperature of only 35° C producing clear clean water for reuse.  The compact units are easy to install to new or existing plant.

AquaQube™ Water Evaporator


Ideal for coolants/oil emulsions and degreasing systems