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Dual Manual washer for solvent and water based paints

Very compact with vapour extraction.  ATEX certified II 2G.

The SPEEDY-CLEAN 135 spray gun washer is a very compact dual spray gun washer for cleaning spray guns using solvent or water. It is manufactured in stainless steel for long life. It can be located inside or outside any kind of spray booth. The washer features two distinct working areas and has a pump for recirculating liquid for pre-wash in both zones and one nebulizer with clean fluid for final rinse in both zones. The unit works with thinners and water plus detergent. It can wash spray guns, nozzles, paint cup and mixing stirrers, paint filters etc.

Works with water plus detergent and thinners

Brush for manual washing  and air gun for drying

Built-in air extraction

Can be used inside or outside the spray booth

SPEEDY-CLEAN 135 For Solvent and Water Paints Call for Price brochure Stainless steel

The unit has 4 bottles located in the lower part to store new and used fluids.